Mod Release: HiSpec 3500TD-S

Hi All. This mod has been a huge amount of work. Many thanks to HiSpec for providing decals and info on the tanker and to Oscar for skinning the hoses which make the mod much more realistic.

I will also include the Lazy Arm Pipe (placeable which can be moved by lifting in the game). In Misc in the shop. It is just for decoration.

– Optional Wheels
– Optional Body Colors
– Optional Pipe Colors
– Optional Wheel Rim Colors
– Optional Splash Plate
– Optional Rain Gun
– Optional Injector
– Optional Transport Tanker (Style 1)
– Optional Transport Tanker (Style 2)
– Optional Transport Tanker (Style 3)
– Optional Lazy Arm (Auto Fill Arm)
– Optional Top Fill
– Optional Side Lights
– Optional Rear Work Lights
– Optional Registration Plates
– Optional Decals
– Optional Fill Hose
– Optional Rear Valve
– Optional Side Valve
– Optional Hangers
– Optional Additional Fill Hoses
– Optional Ladder
– Optional Tool Box
– Optional Hose Carrier
– Optional Air Tank
– Optional Crash Bar Left
– Optional Crash Bar Right

The mod uses control groups (1 = Lazy Arm, 2 = Boom, 3 = Rain Gun). Press G on base game key bindings to cycle between controls and use mouse control to move).

Press X to move the fill hose into load position on the tanker (in some configurations the filler is not visible).

As always please let us know if there are any problems and we will resolve them. The base mod will be uploaded for consoles in time (reduced options due to poly count limits on consoles).

4D Modding

DOWNLOAD FS19_HiSpec3000TD_S.zip – 39.3 MB

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