What’s up everybody welcome back to farming simulator 22 the game releases on november 22nd if you want a chance to win a copy of farmsim22 then make sure you click the link in the description and the pinned comment to join the giveaway if you’re new here then make sure you like and subscribe let’s get right on into it so today we’re gonna be doing a heavy haul we own a trucking company here in town what’s neutral jake put her in drive and we’ve got a job today that we’re gonna be taking care of it’s a heavy haul of a big old john deere tractor somebody bought it from a local farmer so we gotta hold it on up to him oh wow that would have been bad so we’re gonna get on over to our business and get to ready ready to roll here this morning please keep in mind guys that i’m currently on an early access version of the game which means this is not the final version of the game so if anything seems a little out of place or strange it will be taken care of eventually but here we are pulling into work we’re just gonna park the truck right you know what i think i’m gonna park right next to this car right no i don’t want to block that we’ll park my truck right here how’s that sound hey how’s it going there frank hope you’re doing good this morning all right so we got a couple trucks sitting out here all max and we can take our pick of what we want to use we’ve got back anthems right here we’ve got a super liner right here over here we have another anthem and then i think we have some pinnacles over here as well of course our trucking company also has some load king flat bed our flat deck trailers right here and all of our trailers we don’t have a full back that folds we chose for the individual tire ramps but we do have tri-axle on these trailers so we can haul a lot of weight with these things but i suppose let’s go ahead and get in our truck and get to rolling shall we i think today we’ll take the old mack pinnacle right here the day cab we’re up inside just going to start it up and we’ll let it warm up for a second here i’m just going to run over to the trailer and make sure we’ve got our straps and we do take a look at that very good all right this should be taken care of we are that’s a blinker jake all right clutch out nice and easy and we’re gonna pull on over here and we’re gonna get hooked up to our trailer the pickup location is not too far away let’s just take this first trailer right here so we don’t have to fight anything i was late on that turn one night uh i think we can make it work right there put her in reverse watch it drive back there and we’ll get it in the fifth wheel here it’s a little more and boom oh we got it all right so check out our airlines and our electric lines are all connected we got our landing legs up our landing gears up everything’s good back here we gotta pull this trailer forward just a hair right there we’ll do we’ll put on our four-ways and our lights and we’ll hop out and make sure that these are all working taking a look lights are working on the truck four-way’s working on the truck moving back here lights on the trailer and on the back of the truck all working down the side we’re looking good and perfect all the lights seem to be working all right well you know what that means everything’s working we can hop into the truck and we can get down the road here so let’s go and pick up this first load anybody coming we’re looking good looking good let’s make this turn right here it is a little tight out here in uh elm creek roads are not very big but we’re able to get through them just fine there’s a baseball stadium right there by the way very cool we’ll have to go catch a game sometime we do have some road construction right here so take it nice and easy through don’t want to hit anything on that inside we’re looking all right over there very good all right we got a tight turn and i believe a stop up here yep we got a stop sign so let’s go and start backing it down slowing down we’re gonna be taking a right right up here bring her down in gears oh buddy’s coming we’re good to go pull on out shift up there we go looking good by the way guys i’ve had the opportunity to play around with the helper ai a little bit and holy cow the helper ai is so much better i’m not gonna say it’s perfect but it is so so much better it was really cool i actually uh when i was setting up this this video i had them all sitting up at the shop obviously instead of driving them all back to that location myself i set the helper ai to drive them there for me so i just drove out onto the road drove to where i told it to go and parked where i told it to park i was like no way that just happened so if that’s something that you haven’t been or heard about or been excited for then you should definitely put it on your radar because the helper ai is amazing while talking about that a darn near missed my turn all right got a train track up here slow down slow down for the train track i don’t want to go over it at like a thousand miles per hour that would not be any fun there we go right up here to the left is going to be our turns let’s go ahead and turn on that turn signal and we are about to kill this engine come on get some more gears get some more rpms there jake there you go turn her nice and wide don’t hit any signs looking good looking good very cool and also the ai doesn’t hit you when you’re trying to make a turn like that that’s very nice but this is the farm right up here that we’re gonna be picking up at so we’re gonna have to find a place to turn around load up and then uh we’ll get on out of here but i definitely want to turn around before we load up i guess there’s the tractor right over there to the right we’re sneaking through here i’m gonna go and turn on my four ways uh and we gotta go into first person here because otherwise i’m gonna hit everything and anything but sneak it on around there bring it over into this little opening right here that’s pretty convenient how we looking back there looks good all right so now we should just back right on up and we’ll be able to back into this little open area right behind us and we should be able to get ourselves turned around from there just make sure we’re making a turn just fine we’re not going to overdo it there you go strain it out now jake [Music] almost went into the fence i got to watch that clutch takes a little getting used to boys all right we’re not loading up on this hill so i’m gonna drop her down in gear clutch out we’re gonna try and make this right turn here probably gonna drag it come on truck come on let out the clutch ooh uh oh oh man i don’t think i’m gonna make that turn i don’t think we hid anything back there i noticed my box my toolbox my trailer bottomed out this might be a little too steep for us here we’ll try it one more time come on get it through it get through it get through it get through it all right we got one more attempt in us here i’m gonna bag it all the way over to this side come on truck there you go let’s see if we can get you on out of here just ride on up here make that turn nice and easy i don’t care if you cut it in the grass a little bit there you go there you go we drug it but we got it tight little area right here but i love that and this is a road but it cuts right through this guy’s farm so i think we’ll be fine loading up here all right so i got the rams put down we’re ready to load this guy up let’s just run over to the what are we hauling an 8rt go ahead and fire it up here and we’ll load this thing up onto that trailer so let’s put her in drive take it on over there boy listen to that thing okay nice and easy easy easy there you go try and eyeball it here make sure we line her up nice and center i can feel his getting on that trailer there we go i think we’re looking good right about there that’s where we’re gonna put her hopefully that weight is distributed pretty well we’re not gonna go to the weigh station to check i am gonna put a couple straps down on her though and that’s right guys confirmed right here in farmsome22 you can strap your vehicles to the trailer now that that’s trapped it’s not gonna go anywhere love that feature but we’re back in the truck we’re all loaded up ready to go let’s go ahead and give it a little hong kong we’ll turn the four ways off and we’ll get this on up to the destination it’s not too far of a drive for us here today we are gonna have to remember to shift the truck though jake there you go remember you got gears to drive through perfect we’ll get this thing up there in no time and the owner will have their brand new tractor that is assuming we don’t run into any issues on this trip here this loads pretty heavy and now because weight actually matters in fs22 you got to be careful that you have enough horsepower for the weight that you’re hauling come on truck i was thinking about going to a left there but i think our best option is going to be making this right-hand turn there we go pulling right on out i’m about to kill this engine come on come on shift her down a little bit there you go all right anybody’s train come in here let’s just stop make sure nope looks clear shifter back down get across that train track i know car i know i take forever but safety is you know my main concern i don’t want to be stuck on a train track all right from here on out it should be smooth driving a little bit of interstate up ahead of us we got some uh you know back highways but i don’t think aside from the drop maybe i don’t think we have any gravel on our trip so it should be pretty easy for us here let’s turn on that blinker and make sure we come to a stop boy did i barely get stopped there y’all holy cow all right hopefully these guys will let uh let a fella pull on out here i’m a little slow at it i know gotta shift these gears i’m sure traffic is back there yelling at me right now but you know it is what it is all right let’s see nobody’s over there i should be able to get over and we’re in the slow lane now oh i thought that car was going to cut all the way across you’ll see that kind of watch that inside mirror their driver’s side i want to make sure that uh i don’t have anybody trying to come up on on me over there that way you know i don’t want to lean over into the over that white line while somebody’s trying to pass me is what i’m saying we’ve got a turn onto the interstate here nice and easy got a little tippy that was a little fast jake little fast that’s right we’re getting on the interstate anybody back there man i can’t see yet oh hopefully there’s not trying to see through that mirror oh looks clear let’s merge on over in getting a little interstate driving out here today y’all our truck is feeling the weight of this load though dude i can tell you right now i am having some trouble getting this thing up to speed all right got a left coming up right here going to exit the interstate start slowing her down here get her slowed down we got use that hill to our assistance perfect all right we got to see if we can make this left right here oh i gotta i gotta hit those brakes way sooner all right here we go anybody coming clear there and clear there let’s go ahead cut it a little bit this way cut it back and see if we can make that turn there you go easy easy we do have a car coming but he can wait and we’re through let’s go ahead and shift through them gears get up to speed nice clean turn oh boy look at this we are entering a state park with our load i don’t know if that’s fully legal but we’re doing it today we’re gonna need a little engine break coming down that hill whoo look at this view hold on we got to speed them at a 15 but look right off over there can you see any of it oh such a cool little area through here we got to be real careful about our speed because we are coming downhill we’re speeding up oh and that’s a turn and now we’ve got another big hill we yeah got a sign right there telling the trucks to worry oh gosh we got a really downshift on that one holy cow i can feel the weight of that that 8rt behind me dude it is heavy whoa whoa that was all right that was a really tight turn at the top of that hill we were luckily able to use that hill a little bit to slow us down otherwise i feel like we would have rolled our truck really really pretty out here though i mean just look how beautiful this drive is this map is so gorgeous all right i’m trying to remember i think we have a right hand turn right here so let’s go ahead and make it and don’t kill the engine don’t kill the engine got it trying to manage multiple things at once is not the easiest i’ll tell you that rough road ahead oh boy also horses out here all right y’all here we are i believe we have just made it to our destination i think we could have come in that direction too but yeah it’s all right shipped it down shipped it down shipped it down jake shipped it down oh oh oh oh oh that’s what you get for not paying attention to your gears all right come on get it on up that come on come on come on there you go there you go shift it now climb there you go perfect all right i think i should be able to just unload it right up here actually you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna pull right on into this guy’s lot and we are going to shift down jake we’re gonna unload it right here in his lot let’s turn on the four ways and then i will turn it sharp right on out of here so go ahead and put down those ramps hop out of the truck and we will take off our straps here we got one two and three straps climb up on the john deere all right i’m just nice and easy put her in reverse back it right off the trailer and we’re into the drop don’t tip it don’t tip it don’t slide off don’t slide off got it there we go let’s just pull this over here i suppose park it for him and that is gonna be it for that we got the 8rt delivered we’ve got our truck right here we’re going to go ahead and uh drive on out of here and that is going to be it for this video i hope you all enjoyed today’s video if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more don’t forget to enter the giveaway the giveaway ends november 21st the day before farming some 22 releases which is november 22nd i hope you guys are looking forward to fs22 i’m loving it so far and i can’t wait for you guys to love it as well but until next time my name is jake and i’ll see y’all later.


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