Croeso i Gwenddwr! Welcome to Gwenddwr!

This map is based on a real place, the village of Gwenndwr, in Powys Wales just South of Builth Wells. It’s a small livestock focused map with 42 fields covering about 65 hectares/160 acres of mostly grass and some arable ground. The fields are mostly small with a few of medium size. There are three farms, a dairy with chickens, a pig farm and the sheep farm which is part of the village. There is a small equipment dealer in the village and players can sell crops and livestock at the local Hay and Brecon Farmers Co-Op. The farms are all located and based on the real farms with additional buildings, etc. added for playability.
– This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features and is based on the Frontier Design Starter Map.
– Seasons and Grazing Animals mod ready.
– Custom crop, ground, and foliage textures.
– Animated Gates, Doors, and Lights.
– Custom sky textures, Multi Terrain Angle added, and Chopped Straw added.
– Use the Feed Mill for making Pig Feed.
– 4 Mission Fields, check the For Sale Sign to see which ones are Mission ready.

The feed mill is located at Hay & Brecon Farmers. The numbers and markings on the floor next to the mill dump grate show where to dump each ingredient type. The pig food recipe at this mill doesn’t require root crops if you don’t want to grow/feed them. Once the mill has all three ingredients it will start making pig feed. When the mill is working you will see feed amount increase, ingredient amounts decrease and the mill display will light up. The mill machinery will also make sounds. It takes time to make feed so once it starts go find other things to do. If you are in a hurry/impatient speed time up.

Special Thanks to Frontier Design for their excellent Starter Map and ccs101 for his help with the finishing touches to the map. Also a huge Thank You to everyone on Frontier Design Slack channel for all the help and encouragement they provided while making this map! Feed Mill: Kastor LS-Modcompany kevink98 Map Objects, Sounds, Textures and Scripts: Gnftr04 BulletBill OxygenDavid Farmfarm KimG RWModding (robbie) Dorset SEAN6920S Duarn “clipDistanceFPS” by Ian898 – Frontier Design NI Modding Teccer Luzog Docspock Mourice johan12 GoldFox honclik Team Wild (Max Wild) BernieSCS Realistic Farmers reallogger – Realismus Modding Desperados93 marmoe Nick98.1 Giants Maxter Sandgroper LeicestershireFarmer Niggels – VertexDezign LordWilliams ccs101 ShyWizard (tutorials)


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