I present to you the county of Kirchenau. This map is still under construction, but I wanted to present the map to you to get your opinion of the map.

The card now has:

39 fields
4 points of sale
1 cow farm
1 horse farm
If you have anything on the card, please write it in the comments.

Required mods:

MW placeable yard:

Farm Building Pack:

Changelog V.0.2.0

new fields (39–> 57)
a new point of sale (here you can sell some products from Global Company productions e.g. beer, bread, flour, apples etc.)
no additional mods are required
Compost space has been added (can be found above field 52. Here you can turn chopped material, wood chips, grass, hay and straw into compost in the silos)
new cow yard between fields 56 and 57
new pig farm between fields 45 and 46
In order to use the buildings on farms, the farmland must be purchased (below is a picture with red dots. The red dots represent a buyable yard or Kompstplatz)
Changelog V.0.3.0

Many new fields
a new cow farm
a new cow pasture
Unload cleaner at the composting site and the cow yard next to the BGA
Seasons ready
Placing buyable areas to the building
Machines can be sold at the dealer
new types of fruit (rye, onion, carrots)



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