GPS RUS V1.0 BETA ОТ 11.02.19

Long-awaited by many script RUS RUS (in Russian). Another helper on your farm.

Before you can use GPS, you must buy a configuration in the store!
Open the menu
To open the menu, press ctrl + S.
Customize your AB line
Go to the place where you want to customize your strings.
Click + once to reset AB creation.
Click Create to set point A.
Press the + button again to set point B.
Press alt + e again to create a track.
Auto Width
Press alt + r to calculate the width of your car.
Tip: expand and lower the car to get the best results!
Width increase / decrease
Press alt + plus and minus to change the width
Please note that this only works after creating the track!
Field angle
If you are unable to create straight lines on your own, you can enable corner capture in the menu. This will align the AB lines with the ground.
Direction switching
After creating the track, press alt + x to change the direction.
Soap management
Currently, it automatically stops when the speed controller is turned on. This function and field final survey is still in progress.

Last GPS Script Update – 02/11/19



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