The pack is fully adapted to the Gear Box (mod to gearbox)
The real subordinate numbers are registered for each transmission, now the gearbox displays 4 transfers forward and 1 backward (rather than 12 as before)
If you play without a gear box, the trucks work fine without it.
In order for the mod to work correctly with the gear box, the pack had to be scattered by categories.
Trucks are in the category “Trucks”, and modules in the category “Miscellaneous”

The pack includes two modular trucks GAZ-52 and GAZ-53 and eight modules:
– Tank for water and milk (3300 liters).
– Fuel tank (4500 liters).
– Tank for liquid manure (6000 l / 148 m).
– Loader of seeds and mineral fertilizers (4500 liters).
– Body for transportation of animals (2 cows, 6 sheep, 5 pigs).
– Manure spreader (6000 l / 8 m).
– Platform with auto-selection of bales and pallets.
– Body with variable volume (4500/5500/6500 L).

Trucks have a choice of engine, wheels and design.
The log is clean.

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