FS22 XLFARMS X1 V2.0.0.4

The X1 map represents an improvement on a project that began in FS15 and continued through subsequent versions of Farming Simulator.
The X series maps embody the essence of the XLFarms Project. I put a lot of time and effort into creating this version of the X1 map for FS22, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Spline files in the same transformgroup – curves are now recognized by Auto Drive

Main features:
The map is focused on large-scale production.
Production area spans 280.64 hectares, divided into 8 fields of varying sizes, from 22 to 50 hectares.
There is ample space for you to build your farm, with green areas leveled and divided into modules.
The map includes a full BGA with a large garage.
A resort called Wild Pony Resort is available for you to take care of your horses.
There are 24 points for installing wind turbines.
The train system can be used for transporting and selling production. The locomotive consists of 10 wagons with a capacity of 90,000 liters each, totaling 900,000 L.
There is a mill for the production of premium flour.
A complex is available for processing milk and dairy products.
Another complex is available for selling grain in the northeast region of the map.
There is a fuel station on the map.
The map has a complete transit system and is AutoDrive and Courseplay friendly.
There are 22 farmlands available, priced at 60,000 per hectare.
The map features pleasant ambient sound.
The neighbors are quiet and never home.
You can choose from all FS22 activities. The map will adapt to all of them, and there is plenty of room to grow!

Map by MoslessNeo

DOWNLOAD FS22_XLFarms_X1.zip – 347.1 MB

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