Welcome to Waldstetten! A wonderfully designed area somewhere in Germany. A fictitious 4-fold card awaits you, which was designed with great attention to detail and invites you to linger.

– Yard decorations improved
– Placeable buildings improved (polygons, collisions, OccluderMesh)
– Bunker silo function added to yards
– Tree on field (87 and 21)
– Removed concrete piece on field 179
– Tunnel collisions added
– Added “e” at point of sale “Mittelberg
– Gondolas hung wrong
– Farmland at gravel pit extended
– Sand processing at gravel pit possible
– Stairs of the village fire department fixed
– Manual call points in the buildings adapted
– Machine hall on farm Reingrub changed
– Trigger Icon Shop and Sawmill moved
– Railing at fire station added
– Added loading station at train station
– Removed muddy textures at the yards
– BGA – bunker silo texture error fixed
– composter fill trigger for diesel moved
– City hall missing toilets added
– Refinery – diesel production added
– Highway more signage and green strips added
– FuchsShop Oberwalden – fixed bug in decoration
– FuchsShops hotspots on PDA added
– Traffic lights polyreduced
– Added parking cars on parking lots

The map is perfect for all types of agriculture and forestry in single and multiplayer.
In the two villages you can find many walk-in buildings with functions and decorations, the entire map is Seasons Ready, Precision Farming DLC Ready and therefore also provides a beautiful backdrop, e.g. in winter.

For agriculture, over 250 fields are offered for farming, as well as 6 fully equipped courtyards for settling down.

And now the best:
Waldstetten is THE map for the perfect RolePlay, as it simply offers everything from beautifully designed farms and towns, to an idyllic hilly landscape with a ski area, to emergency guards & appropriately activatable missions and construction sites with heaps of earth to excavate.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Waldstetten.zip – 708.4 MB

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