FS22 VERSATILE 2375 V1.0.1

The tractor is only a license from Versatile / Buhler that was previously available on the North American market.


– Adaptation of the tire suits

– Adjusted the color of the wheelhubs

– All decals changed to Versatile and to English

– Added configuration for engine power

– Added configuration for GPS antenna

– Pendulum articulation

I have adapted the decals to Versatile, changed all nameplates and notices from Russian to English,

the tires slightly adjusted (height), the planets of the axles correctly colored,

Configuration for chip tuning and GPS antenna added and last but not least

the articulation is set to pendulum for a more realistic driving behavior.

The tractor fits the Elmcreek much better.

Bottom tractor: Giants
Modification: MrFox

DOWNLOAD FS22_Versatile2375.zip – 10.3 MB

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