The VehicleInspector is designed to give you a quick overview of your vehicles. What are they doing/what do they have loaded/which ones are active etc. etc.

Version 1.89 Beta
–new Implements view Warning Text Refuel/Damage % *needs View Warnings –Is Damage Text On/Is Fuel Empty Text On–* (user wunsch)
(Prio, Blocking,Water,Damage,Fuel) (set GUI Menue % values)
–new view Overload Text (GUI Menue –View Overload Text–)
(vehicleInspectorSettings.xml (isOverload=”Text”) —> View Text Display) (View Icon Display / set Automatic Default Overload Icon)
–set new Wait Color Type for AD (Yellow)
–fix can Loaded FillTypes (Gui Menue On/Off Trigger)
–fix Ghost Line and Background
–fix Background Width and Only Controlled

In multiplayer and singleplayer play.
*MultiOverlayV4 Hud Ready*here
!ATTENTION! some vehicle mods are not supported
Features: InGame Settings Menü. Alles Optional Einstellbar. Join Vehicle mit Click auf ein Fahrzeug in der Anzeige wenn du die Maus aktiverst hast. etc. etc.
View LS 22 KeySettings für MouseCursor On/Off (Default *F12* für alle meine Mods) here
!! Es funktioniert nicht alles und es ist auch nicht alles Freigeschaltet !!
Die vielfalt an Fahrzeugen Anhängern etc. macht es unmöglich alles und jede Constellation zu testen. Darum BETA und darum braucht ein Modder Bug Reports
BugListe für Aktuelle Version: Fix(next Version) Prüfen Nicht Reproduzierbar Info
.Gui Menue On/Off Triger Not Active search XML set false for disabled
No more, no less
And if you don’t like it you should just not load it :-)
1.Release with original download link only. NO substitute link
2.Modifying as well as re-uploading is not allowed

Modell: HappyLooser
Textur: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idee / Konzept: HappyLooser
Tester: HappyLooser/ModHoster User
Sonstige: HappyLooser

DOWNLOAD VehicleInspector.zip – 189 KB

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