FS22 URSUS C330/M/328 PACK V1.0.0.0

Price $10,000

Upkeep $600

Power 30KM


1) engine: C330, C330M, C328 (speed based on engine),

2) tires: mitas, bkt, trelleborg, lyse,

3) grilles 4 options,

4) stickers on the sides 4 configurations,

5) front stickers 4 configurations,

6) front axle,

7) handlebar 3 options,

8) rim weights,

9) color choice for 5 parts: bonnet, cabin, rims, roof, body

The mod has SimpleIC and a real 6-speed gearbox.


DOWNLOAD FS22_C330_PACK_KoPi.zip – 91.1 MB

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