FS22 URSUS 6 CYL 4X4 TURBO DL V1.0.0.0

Ursus 1614 – a heavy agricultural tractor from the Ursus family, produced in the years 1984-2009 by Zakłady Mechaniczne Ursus in Warsaw. 4857 copies of this model were produced. Technical data:

Engine type – DS Martin Z8602.12

Motor power – 114 kW Max.

torque – 566.6 Nm

Number of forward/reverse gears – 16/8

Length: 4590mm; 4950 mm (with weights)

Curb weight: 5028 kg; 6292 kg (with weights)

Place of production: Poland, Warsaw-Ursus

Drive: 4WD

Production period: 1984–2009

Manufacturer: Ursus

Wheelbase: 2695mm

Miecia, dzieci z dc, Karas

DOWNLOAD FS22_Ursus6cyl_TURBObyMiecia – 92.8 MB

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