Trailer House With Sleeping Trigger

Trailer House That Could Be Attached To A Truck.
➲ House Contains:
➣ Garage
➣ Kitchen
➣ Living Room
➣ Balcony
➣ Bedroom

➲ Configurations
➣ Rims Color COnfigurations
➣ Walls Color COnfigurations

➲ Simple IC
➣ Garage Door And Ramp (Can Be Opened As A Cover While Attached to A Truck + Simple IC)
➣ All Stove Keys (Animated Stove)
➣ All Doors And Windows
➣ Main Stairs (Can Be Folded While Attached To A Truck + Simple IC)
➣ All Sinks (Animated)
➣ Playstayion + TV
➣ All Lights
➣ Toilet (Animated)

➲ Trailer Could Be Found In Tools – Miscellaneous
➲ Sleeping Trigger COuld Be Found In Construction – Farmhouse

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