Tipping Container Trailer Pack

These trailers are used to transport grain containers, as they allow us to tilt and empty the load.

Compatible with DLC Platinum Expansion containers by means of tension belts.

Operation (Coupling and uncoupling containers).

Coupling containers:
– 1º We put the container on the trailer (if you want to make it more real this step should be the second one).
– 2º Remove the locks with the X key.
– 3º Hold the container with the Q key.
– 4º We put the locks with the X key.
Uncouple containers
– Same operations as for uncoupling but in reverse.

General characteristics:
– Configuration type of coupling: Truck or Tractor.
– Tension belts configuration (Only for 20FT, 30FT and 40FT)
– 12 types of tires.
– Brand configuration: Lizard, Demco, Fliegl, Krone and Lode King.
– Color configurations: Main color, design, fenders, reflectors and rims.
– 64 colors available for all color configurations (metallic, matte and chrome).

Individual features:
20FT/25FT trailer:
– Base price: 45.000 $.
– Size configuration: 20FT and 25FT

30FT/35FT trailer:
– Base price: 65.000 $.
– Size configuration: 30FT and 35FT

40FT/45FT trailer:
– Base price: 85.000 $.
– Size configuration: 40FT and 45FT


DOWNLOAD FS22_CP02_Tipper_Container_Trailer.zip – 39.2 MB

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