Replaced the outdated original pipe for a much more modern versatile pipe that allows easier and smoother loading, especially when used with AI/ autodrive or when used with some of the taller trailers fs22 has to offer

Also the rear steering selection from the shop has been reconfigured to act more like the trailers found in the game rather then the more realistic setup i created for the versions previous. this is to help people to manoeuvre the trailers easier.

The FS15 Beast woodchipper created by FSM has been revamped and slightly altered along with the full conversion for FS22 .
A woodchipper trailer that can be used while attached and detached from the vehicle.
(please not automatic engine start (found in your in-game settings) must be turned off for this chipper to function as intended)

featuring the original folding legs for stability. (best used on flat ground).
A cylindered/movingTools drop side for ease of loading and visibility by wheel loader.
Full woodchip crushing animations with visual improvements
Digital capacity screen with built in alarm system for when the tank reaches its maximum capacity this will also automatically turn off the chipper rollers so that no woodchips are wasted when the maximum level is reached. (trailer engine must be running for the digital screen to be active)
Worklights that have been designed to not stay on with a vehicle that only has 1 light setting (like the new volvo FH v5 tractor unit from the platinum DLC) to activate these please put vehicle or trailer sidelights on before unfolding the chipper ready for use.
An in-store option to choose to have Realistic hydraulic rear-steering setup or no rear-steer.

Now with a new pipe design to improve loading by the taller trailers that fs22 has to offer, taller height to discharge and also further away from the chipper for loading (worked faultlessly during testing when used with AI/autodrive compared to the original pipe )

Overall visual changes along with a new revamped logo with credit shown to FSM
Tank capacity:60,000litres

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Any and all PayPal donations are greatly appreciated, thank you!


DOWNLOAD P555_TheBeastV1_0_0_3.zip – 11.8 MB

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