FS22 TEREX EXPLORER 5500/AC 130-5 V1.0.0.1

V1.0.0.1: Corrected driver indoor camera

This is a Farming Simulator 22 mod for a Terex Explorer 5500 also known as the Terex AC 130-5.

This mod requires IC for full functionality: click_here


Empty Weight:

48 metric tons

105,822 lbs

Max Lifting Capacity:

130 metric tons

286,601 lbs

Max Reach Telescopic Boom:

59.8 meters

196 ft

Max Reach w/ Jib:

80.8 meters

265 ft

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5


Entry point moves depending on fold state

Folded (driver in chassis cab): entry/exit near driver door

Unfolded (driver in crane cab): entry/exit near crane cab (moves with crane)

IC Install/Uninstall of single line hook

IC Install/Uninstall of three sheave hook

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5

IC Install/Uninstall of Erection Jib

IC Install/Uninstall of 12m Lattice Jib

IC Install/Uninstall of 21m Jib

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5

IC Install/Uninstall of Winch 2

IC opening/closing driver door/window

IC opening/closing of crane door

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5

IC tilt of crane cab

Self leveling hooks and cables

True to life telescopic extension sequence

Individual control of single line hook and three sheave hook

(different lifting/lowering speeds too!)

Four Steering modes

All Steer

Last two axles

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5

First three and last axle

First three axles

True crab steering (control group 1, AXIS_CRANE_ARM2)

Individually installable ballast weights.

Terex Explorer 5500/AC 130-5

Chassis attach point for ballast weights (used for transport and building stack)

Lowerable ballast lift on crane turn table

Four color configuration groups

Rim color configuration

If you find any errors reach out to us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3460978734149563/

HMM Heavy Machine Modding FS22 -Shane Phillips -Jeremy Brown (JrbrownOverland)

DOWNLOAD FS22_Terex5500.zip – 239116353

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