Tank Containers
Tank containers are used for the shipment of liquids by ship and train.
Note: To handle these containers we need the Lizard Cranes SMV 4531 TC5 mod and to transport them we can use the Tipping Container Trailer Pack or any flatbed with tensioning straps.

General characteristics.
– Category: Tools / Miscellaneous
– You can load all the liquids of the map where you are playing.
– Real capacity and unreal capacity configuration.
– Easy to stack one on top of the other, leave one on top of the other and it will be automatically placed correctly (do not stack containers of different lengths).
– Sticker configuration: Lizard, Farming Simulator 22 and without stickers.
– Color configurations: Structure color, tank, design and stickers.
– 64 colors available for all color configurations (metallic, matte and chrome).

Individual features.
Tank Containers 20FT/25FT
– Base price: 5.800 $.
– Size configurations: 20FT, 20FT High Cube, 25FT and 25FT High Cube
– Capacities: 23.800 liters, 27.500 liters, 30.400 liters and 35.200 liters.
– Unreal capacities: 120.000 liters, 130.000 liters, 140.000 liters and 150.000 liters.
– Unloading area: Rear, where the faucet is.

30FT/35FT Tank Containers
– Base price: 6.800 $.
– Configuration sizes: 30FT, 30FT High Cube, 35FT and 35FT High Cube
– Capacities: 36.400 liters, 42.500 liters, 42.800 liters and 50.100 liters.
– Unreal capacities: 170.000 liters, 180.000 liters, 190.000 liters and 200.000 liters.
– Unloading area: Rear, where the register box is located.

40FT/45FT Tank Containers
– Base price: 7.800 $.
– Sizes configuration: 40FT, 40FT High Cube, 45FT and 45FT High Cube
– Capacities: 49.200 liters, 57.400 liters, 55.500 liters and 64.700 liters.
– Unreal capacities: 220.000 liters, 230.000 liters, 240.000 liters and 250.000 liters.
– Unloading area: Lateral, where is the register box in the center.


DOWNLOAD FS22_CP05_Tank_Containers.zip – 31.3 MB

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