FS22 SZ-3.6 M SEEDER V1.1.0.0

The SZ-3.6 M seeder is intended for ordinary sowing of seeds of grain and leguminous crops both separately and with the simultaneous introduction of granular mineral fertilizers.
The hitch is used to couple two SZ 3.6 M seeders at once to one tractor.

SZ-3.6 M
Price: 9999 €
Working speed: 15 km/h
Power requirement: 60 hp
Working width: 3.6 m

Double Hitch for SZ-3.6 M
Price: 2999 €
Working speed: 15 km/h
Power requirement: 90 hp
Working width: 7.0 m


DOWNLOAD FS22_SZ_36_M.zip – 24.7 MB

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