Fixed pallets not spawning

Cleaned up field edges
Moved trees that were on fields
Added new cereal types (Muesli, Conrflakes and Honey Cheerios)
Added Apple and Pear Orchard (trees can be purchased)
Added Cider Factory
Changed both BGA’s (originals were creating some script errors)
Changed cow farms for in-game versions
Adjusted machine halls and added some new types
I must add that I am not a experienced map creator and there are sure to be some issues which I haven’t found given I am a one man show. I will do my best to fix them if they’re found.

I am aware this map has had issues in the past, which I haven’t experienced myself so far, so there is a warning from previous modders that the map may crash, although I have worked on ensuring the log is error free.

Original credits go to Alexgerman123,Gniltag,Julian,NoobFragz
Modded by geeman72

DOWNLOAD 19100Swedish_Landscape.zip – 1.3 GB

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