SVK Gorban is a large Ukrainian 8x map made on real terrain.


Fixed a bug in the field generation script,

Fixed crooked mowing of straw grass.

Fixed “flat straw”

Fixed air grain hovering effect.

Bump fix on margins 57 and others reported!)

Moved trees away from fields

Fixed a non-working oil refinery purchase trigger

Fixed hanging loading markers at the oil refinery and mill.

Added productions:

– Grain cleaning

– Dairy

Added traffic of pedestrians and cars.

Changed the texture of grass and trees.

Changed lighting.

Added a huge village to the bottom of the map.


Throw and write on the QR code that is located at the main base at the red workshop, so you will help me in the development, but while there are uneven terrain, and other little things, YOU NEED TO START A NEW CAREER!)))

Most of the buildings are located in a real place, but objects and productions have been added to diversify the gameplay. The map is currently under development.

I post my work in order to understand whether the card is good and whether it is needed, whether there will be a demand for it.

Map includes:

– 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking vehicles.

– 143 fields from 0.1 ha to 235 ha (hay contracts are under development and will be available in future map updates).

– 181 purchased plots.

– 3 purchased forest plots.

– 2 gas stations.

– 1 farm 50% completed (3 more in development).

– 8 points of sale (in development).

– Support for DLC Precision Farming.

– Contracts work.

– Changed economy.

– Sawmill.

– Livestock dealer.

– Mill (production);

– Oil plant (production);

– Sugar factory (production);

– Bakery (production);

– Seed plant (production);

– Grain cleaning (production);

– Sawmill (production);

– Points of sale of potatoes, beets and forests;

I would be happy for support, including financial support: PayPal [email protected]


DOWNLOAD https://sharemods.com/tzu37vz9j3ci/FS22_SVKGorbani.zip.html

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