Stops the combine harvester as soon as it is full.

Hi @all!

One or the other may know it. You are about to thresh your field, then the combine harvester gets full and destroys the fruit because it doesn’t stop. Well, that’s exactly what this script prevents. When the combine is full, it will be frozen for 5 seconds (then driving is not possible). The brake lights also light up for this period.

The rotating beacons, if present, are also switched on when the fill level reaches 90%. If the fill level drops below 90% again, they are automatically switched off again. The unloading tube is also extended when the combine harvester is full.

There is not much more to say about the script.

Have fun with it!

Ifko[nator] – lsfarming-mods.de

DOWNLOAD FS22_stopFullCombine.zip – 16 KB

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