The Kuzbass PK-4.8B sowing complex is a pneumatic cultivator designed for work both in fields plowed in the usual way and for sowing on stubble without preliminary soil preparation.
The PK-4,8B “Kuzbass” sowing complex is aggregated by a tractor-tractor and consists of a cultivator and a hopper installed on it, into which seeds and fertilizers are loaded. There is a diesel engine on the hopper, or a more economical hydraulic motor that rotates the fan.
The average productivity of one PC complex is 4.8B “Kuzbass” — 1100 hectares per season.

The sowing complex “Tom-5.1B” is an aggregate of zero sowing technology.
The transition to zero till technology begins with a harvesting campaign, during which the crushed crop residues are evenly distributed across the field. As a result, a soil-protective coating is formed.
PC-5.1B “Tom” is aggregated by a tractor-tractor with a capacity of at least 132 hp, and PC-6.3 B – at least 163 hp, and consists of a seeder frame and a hopper mounted on top of the frame.

– Price: from 55600$; from 58900$
– Choice of design
– Choosing the color of seed ducts
– Choice of drive (diesel/hydraulic motor)


DOWNLOAD FS22_MPK_Seeders_Pack.zip – 19.3 MB

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