FS22 SMALL FARM V1.0.0.2

Welcome to the Small Farm!

– I met the white flag!
– Exchanged the basic tools!
– I took the combine out because I think everyone will be playing with a smaller mod anyway!

This is a small dice map that has a nice environment and is only worth playing on with a small vehicle!
-Or for the map I can recommend the Lumberjack mode or modes that make it easy to cut the tree!
-There are 29 lands!
-No built-in water source found!
-Seasonal growth is the fund!
-A station for sale can be found on the map!
-Basic animals!
-Almost everything is for sale except the seller’s place and the store!
-Forest is not on the map, but can be built within the game!
Good game!


DOWNLOAD FS22_Small_Farm.zip – 28.0 MB

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