– Added new trailer:
Welger SEK 802 (platforms only):
Price: 9.000 $
Category: trailers

Sloping bottom container:
Price: 1.600 $
Category: misc
Capacity : 2800 L
ATTENTION: The Sloping bottom container must be coupled.
The matching pendant is included in the pack.

Welger DK 115 (platforms only):
Price: 11.500 $
Category: trailers

ATTENTION: First time manual Overloading only works by pressing “I” twice! so it won´t unload automatically. After saving this step won´t be neccessary anymore.

– Handlig improved
– On the trailers you will now find arrows to know how the container must be positioned, that is, where the spout is, the arrow must also be under it. These fade out as soon as you connect the container.
– It is now possible to drive next to the sloped bottom container and couple it with R.
– There is now an overloading auger to be able to overload onto higher trailers or fertilizer spreaders.

When coupling, it is important that the trailer is positioned in front of the auger so that the unloading side of the sloping bottom hopper is on the right-hand side, otherwise there will be a bow.

In the configuration with overloading auger, the sloping floor container must be selected and then started, so you can overload and fold/unfold with the overloading auger without the engine of the tractor running.

It is important that when the auger is configured, the automatic engine start is turned off. Otherwise, overloading without the tractor running will not work.

PrivatPrivat, Glumpii, SilentModding

DOWNLOAD FS22_SlopingBottomContainer.zip – 16.6 MB

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