FS22 SIPMA Z224 – SIPMA Z224/1 V1.0.0.0

Sipma Z224 – SipmaZ224 / 1

Price: € 8,000.

Category: Baling Technology.

Color Configurations:

– Press color.

– Rim Color.

– Wom Wheel Color.

– Wom Guard Color.

Press Configurations:

– Model Selection.

– Choice of Emblems.

– PTO shaft guard.


The press has a nice animation:

– Unfolding on the X key.

– Reel animation.

– Animation of a Hammer Breaking a Bale.

– Landing Landing Animations.

-Animation of the Spire.

-Standard FS22 Animation.

– Animation of Opening the Rope Flap, Camera Flap, Counterweight Flap, Removing the Wom Side Flap on the Mouse Buttons.

– Removable / Assembled Sipma tarpaulin on the mouse button.

– And many interesting elements.


– It has lights

– FS22 standards.

– The press has no errors in the Log.


– No editing.

– Prohibition of changing the link.

– Ban on adding to modpacks.

– It is forbidden to impersonate the authors.

– How do you go to other forums, give the original link and the name of the author.

Please appreciate my hard work.

After obeying the Bans, there will be more polished mods.

If you see any mistake, write to me and I will try to correct it :).

Regards AgroPhoto.

Sipma model:
Perkins / Burner

FS22 programming:

DOWNLOAD FS22_Sipma_Pack.zip – 5.1 MB

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