FS22 SECO DUPLEX 800 H V1.1.0.0

BB environmental technology Seco Duplex 800 H
Seco Duplex 800 H
Seco Duplex 800 H
Seco Duplex 800 H
Seco Duplex 800 H
Seco Duplex 800 H
Steyr Profi 4115 with Seco Duplex 800 H and Seco Duplex 310 F ECO
The double-blade, large-area rear mowers from the Seco Duplex H series from BB Umwelttechnik are ideal for managing medium-sized and large farms. Thanks to the double blade cutting technology, a fraction of the drive power of comparably large rotary mowers is sufficient for these mowers. Due to this, you save not only fuel, but also a large tractor. As a result, soil compaction is avoided, which, in addition to the gentler grass clippings and therefore better regrowth, maximizes the yield.
This mower also offers the advantage that it can be used in conjunction with an existing front mower. This means that the front mower can be used independently of the rear mower, for example to mow grass for animal feeding or across farms. Furthermore, this variant of a large-area mower combination has the best possible weight distribution, which is why this mower is just as suitable for mowing steep areas.
The mower is driven via the rear PTO shaft (540 ECO) and via a double-acting control unit.
Seco Duplex 800H: €20,000
8 m working width, a 2.75 m cutter bar on each side
14 hp drive power required
426 kg own weight
15 km/h maximum working speed

V1.1.0.0 Changelog: Adjusted hydraulic hoses, adjusted positioning

Mühlviertel Modding

DOWNLOAD FS22_Seco_Duplex_800_H.zip – 3.7 MB

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