FS22 SCOOTER M300 M400 V2.0.0.0

Made for Scooter M300 M400 Series FS22.

There are 2 models of scooters M300-M400.

M300 has 20HP and 30 kmh speed.

M400 has 30HP and 40kmh speed.

It comes in the category of miscellaneous.

Hello, to support me, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. As you subscribe, more mods will come for fs22. Don’t forget to come to our discord address. you can have more information and early access to more mods and upcoming mods.

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✔️Discord: https://discord.gg/tCB7UYGDFV


DOWNLOAD FS22_Scooter_M_Series_Pack.zip – 1.3 MB

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