Moin moin, before I start to tell you what about this truck, I would like to ask for help. More details I will explain below.

Mirror revised
Changed the color of the curtains
Curtains moved so you can see out the window

The Scania has various configs.
3 bull catchers
Company logos
Underbody bar
Motor with 2 different transmission types
Stone impact protection
Detail faithful interior lighting
Controllable chassis, rear separate and once complete (controllable via the right mouse button)
Sound is from the game, nevertheless the sounds were put together new for this truck
My log is clean, I strongly assume that it is the same for others, but should errors occur, gladly also here a PN.
Now to my problem, I have there yes the company logos and the Scania logos in the interior.
These can be switched, but at a distance they show no reaction.
I would like that one sees at distance also, that the things go on or off.
Hab already tried everything and sitz there already ne weile dran.
I wanted to be done with the scania 3 weeks ago.
Should someone have a solution, gladly a PN to me.
Should no solution be available, I will delete the problem stuff simply raus, but I would find a pity.
No matter how it ends, I have the Scania in various versions:
hook lift <3 Crown tarp body Tipper Animal transport Tanker Lumber stanchions and for everything an associated trailer they are all still coming, just barely got around to testing. Basically everything goes. but the fine tuning is missing. But before I have no solution because of the logos and their lighting, nothing will come of it. Credits:
Modell: SCS, Ap0lLo
Textur: SCS
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo

DOWNLOAD FS22_ScaniaR_by_Ap0lLo.zip – 79.7 MB

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