The nature in the middle of the lakes is very beautiful but you have to work hard to make a living in here.
The terrain is rough and rocky, and cold and dark winter doesn’t make things any easier.
This is mainly a forestry map but you can do whatever you want; crops, animals, production, anything goes.

– color bug on the square yellow licence plate fixed
– bale selling triggers had big issues, now you should be able sell grass, hay, silage and straw. (baled or not)
– unnecessary animal icons taken off the map. (no more confusion with them)
– some of the farmland borders have been changed and added 2 more farmlands
– starting tractor John Deere switched to Valtra (because Finland 😛)
– powerlines now do have collision, beware when falling trees near them.
– added few more lights
– fixed floating bales and poles
– smoothened ground on fields 1 and 4
– new paths in the forest
– added some decorative objects

The map includes:
-different forest types with more than 5000 trees
-13 fields which are not flat and square
-buyable custom sawmill, grain mill and a farm with horsepasture
-small lots for your production buildings
-selling points for almost all of the products
-vehicle shop, gas station and animal dealer
-free slurry and manure
-realistic scandinavian weather
-custom crop calendar and finnish license plates (by Mr_Mazzony)
-and much more

***Those farmlands where your neighbours live are not for sale and you can not interact with their buildings.***

Known issues:
items that should be hidden during the winter do appear when you load a save. Apparently the game does not know which season is going on.
Things go back to normal at 1st day of the next month.

Increased Light Range – It will be dark during the winter, so this is a must.
Any Sleep Trigger mod – Because there is none by default.
Kesla ND144HD – If you do forestry, this is so much better than the original.
Advanced Greenhouses – You have an easy access to water, manure and woodchips.

DE: Richard Western Trailer Pack ist ein Mix aus Silagewagen und Getreide alle funktionieren ohne Fehler.
EN: Richard Western Trailer Pack is a mix of silage trailers and grain all working without errors.

DOWNLOAD FS22_Savonmaa.zip – 140.9 MB

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