FS22 RSM2375 GODZILLA V1.0.0.0

Since there isn’t one yet and it’s my favorite tractor, I tried it, even though I have pretty much no idea about modding: D
I’ve been tinkering with it for over a week and somehow made it with YT videos and text tutorials.
Unfortunately I don’t get the roof configured in the color and on the last front weight configuration there is still a red stripe that I can’t get away: < Speccs: Multiplayer capable 850PS Stepless transmission 85 km / h All lights are amplified Dead weight increased significantly because it tipped over Color choice and rim color choice Kirovets sound + air horn Exhaust smoke revised Price adjusted to € 350,000 Increased displacement and draft Adjusted fuel consumption and braking performance 1200L fuel supply Differential adjusted (cornering speed) Has been running for several hours now, at least I didn't notice any The mod is available for free, if someone wants to do handicrafts there, or maybe would like to help me to improve it (I still have a few ideas, but that completely exceeds my capabilities: <), then with great pleasure. Otherwise have fun. I know he's not realistic etc, but everyone likes it differently =) Greetings Kolkrath Credits:
Giants LS22 RSM2375 Umbau

DOWNLOAD FS22_Godzilla.zip – 10.5 MB

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