The K 12200 has been converted into a subsoiler/plough with cultivator function. This means that ‘ploughing’ and cultivating can be done in one operation. changing/moving the texture of cultivating under the entire work surface added rim color selection added base color selection [ credits @Eiks] added multiplay support fixed a performance issue initiale Version

The field is ploughed/deep loosened in the front area and then immediately cultivated in the rear area.

As a result, there is less need to worry about whether the subsequent seed drill used is suitable for no-till or not.

With the current version it is now possible to configure the frame [thanks Eiks] and rim color in the shop.

The version is intended for those who only want the cultivator texture from the start.

Working width: 12.2 meters (standard)

max. working speed: 18 km/h (slightly increased)

needed Power: 325 hp (slightly reduced)

Price: 98,000 euros (slightly reduced)

Here is a short mod presentation of the Rostselmash K-12200 CultiPlow by @Eiks

Giants Software, Eiks

DOWNLOAD FS22_Rostselmash_K12200_CultiPlow.zip – 8.0 MB

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