FS22 RIVERSIDE 22 V1.1.0.0

Welcome back to Riverside Farms. This fictous map and has been completely overhauled to FS22 standards.

– New Save game required? NO
– Corrected some vehicle’s in New farmer
– Custom soil map (will have rebuy the new soil maps)
– Fixed main silo for Canola
– Removed Horse pen
– Removed sheds that are not needed
– Improved AI traffic
– Removed floating tree
– Fixed BGA on New Farmer
– Fixed markers at farm shop
– New icon and preview image’s
– Fixed pig farm silo
– SuchSneak for the Relight environment
– All pasture are now Maize Plus ready (PC only)

Key features:
– Standard 2x map
– 77 of fields
– 5 active farms for you to choose from
– Multiple areas that with some Tender Love and Care (and a chainsaw) can be reformed into additional farm space
– Custom made animal pens built into the map
– 1 sawmills
– 1 main forest location with additional woodland around map
– 2 large areas to tantalise your creative side. Ideal for production chains or additional yard space
– Plenty of storage space for the largest machines
– Custom soil map for PF
– Buy in bulk using the North and Mid Farm Shop buy points
– Free Lime available at Farms shops
– Reasonably priced Fert Seed and Herbicide also available
– 25 custom collectibles

Disturbed Simulations and Cavalier Roy for the use of UK GEO Version 4

Credits to; Cavalier Roy and OlaHaldor for pointing me in the right direction 😀

Change to the terrain around Field 13 leading into the placeable area has been created.
This will ONLY show when you start a new save only, On existing SAVE GAME’S you will NEED to smooth these out.


DOWNLOAD FS22_riverside22.zip – 274.2 MB

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