– 15 Fields

– Working selling stations and gasstation

Fixes from to

– Fixed all selling triggers

– Fixed ground collision

– Fixed all known places

– Working barriers and gates

Updates: Rework version:

– Added factories, if you want you can sell but got 0 money

– Fully working Animals husbandries

– Refixed not corrected shaders objects and working correctly

– Revorked Mechanical base, builded new Garages, added Vehicles

Fixed Updates: to Rework version:

– Added working sawmill, and supporting fully production chain

– Refixed old positions of bad triggers and fully setted to newest version of positions

– Supporting all another chains together ir productions systems

– Repainted missing area

If you want you can sell all builded objects and vehicles but you got a 0 money. All setted to 0 as default.

Log totally clean

If play on this map require new savegame, old savegame not working correctly.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Rassvet.zip – 508.6 MB

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