PowerRoll 1230 HD as a mulcher with blade rollers, with faster lifting and lowering animation

Version 1.0.1
There was an error with the animations, these have now been revised. This should now work correctly. As a result, there are no more errors with the helpers!
In addition, there is now a speed selection.
Slow (Speedscale 0.3)
Standard (Speedscale 0.4)
Fast (Speedscale 0.6)
The animation for raising/lowering and unfolding will be faster, slower, or you can just keep it at the default values ​​of the PowerRoll!
The WorkAreas (working areas) have been completely revised. Instead of one large work area, this mulching roller now has its own work area for each roller.
Furthermore, effects were added to the work areas. The mulching effect is now also displayed. However, only for the role that is currently working! For example, if you partly drive over a plowed field, the effect is missing here.
The AM Modding category has been removed.
The mulcher is now under “Mulcher”. However, we have continued to immortalize ourselves under the manufacturer’s choice.
Here you can still search for “AM Modding” to see all of our active mods at once.
The original color blue from Dalbo was added on request and is at the top of the color choice!
In addition, the flickering signs on the rear have been corrected.
Thank you Giants that you absolutely had to enter the signs and lights in your model in the i3d and in the XML.

We at AM Modding offer you a 12m mulcher here.
We are aware that the PowerRoll already exists as a mulcher.
But the original roles are now intended as field rollers.
So what did we do?
The mulcher rollers from the MaxiCut were removed as a basis via Blender (thanks to Flocke) and adapted to the PowerRoll and installed. So the PowerRoll is now in full glory as a mulcher!
Required engine power 200 hp
Working speed 15km/h
color choice
Increased repair interval
On request slower or faster lifting / lowering
Uploads are not allowed on other sites.
We will only upload this mod to our website and Forbidden Mods.
Everywhere else this mod is not from us and therefore there is no support for bugs!
Filebase – Anteri0r.tv
And now we wish you a lot of fun with this beautiful mulcher!

AM Modding
Ifko[nator] – Shop Category
Blender Edit von Flocke

DOWNLOAD FS22_AM_PowerRoll_1230_HD_Mulcher.zip – 4.1 MB

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