Here is another conversion from the forum “Die Landeier”.

Small update because a user requested it and I had the thought before.
Got the presses with angle function, Impress 185 VC FAST Bale and the Impress 125 FC FAST Bale, silage additive configuration.
Because it makes sense in my eyes.

Pöttinger balers in one pack and with more functions.
Here who can use it and wants to have a Pöttinger press pack.
Because I’m one of those people who don’t like to stand still while pressing and want to continue.
And I wanted to use round balers other than the Vicon Fast Baler.
I once grabbed the Pöttinger round balers and put them together in a package and changed the following:
3 designs to choose from to distinguish them from the originals.
Type designation also changed.
Foil colors expanded
Automatic bale drop can be switched on and off, default is always off.
Built in antechambers and made Fast Baler out of it.
Unfinished bales can be unloaded, only affects the main chamber.
The antechamber cannot be emptied prematurely.
The Pöttinger from GIANTS from the ModHub, double lighting fixed or completely redesigned for all.
That’s about it and yes I know that’s not real
Support only in the forum of the country bumpkins.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Poettinger_Impress_FastPro_LE.zip – 54.3 MB

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