FS22 PK-6.1 KUZBASS V1.0.0.0

The PK-6.1 “Kuzbass” universal tillage sowing tool is one of the main elements of the sowing complex.

It allows sowing both on a stubble background, without its preliminary preparation, and on backgrounds processed according to the traditional technology of dump plowing.

It is also possible to use the Kuzbass PC as a cultivator.

– Price: from 59636€

– Selection of rolling equipment: wheels/rollers.

– Selection of the type of harrows: stripped harrows/combined harrows.

– Choice of design

– Additional hydraulic lines for the hopper with a hydraulic motor.

* – due to the specifics of the work, warnings are possible in the log.


DOWNLOAD FS22_pk61.zip – 9.8 MB

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