Welcome to Pirambeiras.
Based in the northeast region of Brazil and with a little imagination!
You will be adventurous with lots of relief and plenty of fields to explore, fields to open and create your farm your way.
Here you can plant coffee, roast it, and produce coffee for sale. Come and venture into this wonderful place.

What the map offers
– Heating plant
– Sugar cane mill
– On-site gas station and vehicle workshop
– Animal trader
– 13 sales points
– Limestone mine
– Water you can get from anywhere in the river or lakes
– 11 production points, including coffee roasting and premium coffee
– Contains the original crops from the game, including coffee
– If you start as a new farmer you will have a farm with some machinery and implements
– 39 fields to explore, 3 of them being forest areas
– The coffee harvester you will find in Vehicle/Various (Braud 9090X Coffee)
– Very varied landscaping with various trees, foliage, shrubs and more.
– You can enjoy the new dynamics of fs22 by looking for your collectibles!

Carlos J.C/Eclypse/Team IWMM

DOWNLOAD FS22_PirambeirasMap.zip – 225.0 MB

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