FS22 PINEY RUN V1.0.0.1

Welcome to Piney Run, Here You can farm and log.

Change Log
Required Mod:
– FS22_Large_Metal_Pavilion By Farm Sim Game
– Fixed Animal Pens
– All Placeables Now Saleable
– Redone Sale Point at Market
– New PDA
– Removed Oil Production
– Added BGA that makes Fuel, Def and excepts more products
– Added modded Tankers to haul Fuel and Def
– Updated ModDesc to 65
– Changed some start up equipment
– Map now has Collectibles, 12 Cheese pieces, Ten are worth 10k, One is worth 500k and One worth 1 Million
– New Pavilions Complements Of Farm Sim Game, Thank you

– Farm with animals
– three decent sized fields and one grass field
– Good starting equipment
– Stone Quarry
– Working Sawmill and Log sale only
– Oil and Carpentry Production
– Whole map is Buyable
– Rottne and other Forestry Equipment have been edited to work with base game trees and controls been added tilt head.
– Stone Salepoint and Farmers Market Salepoint

–> Map Not for everyone,but i hope some find it enjoying

Huge Thank You to anyone and everyone who has helped or supported
me over the past few years.

This map is dedicated to my son Jasper

Map has 19 mod edits.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Piney_Run_Map.zip – 56.7 MB

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