*PineValley was created from the standard US map.*

Ver Change log.
Rebuilt the farmland/buyable land. In doing so, removed the last error on my part regarding a pixel not covered by the farmland layer.

Welcome to PineValley!

Do you like logging and reclaiming your land?

Cut the trees, work the land, plow your field.
This map will be updated and refined over time. (plz rate and provide feedback so i can improve. thnx)
Pine valley features custom built objects, the Radio Tower, Brick columns & Train loading platform. Please ask if you would like to utilize them on your own build.

Removed extra buildings.
Removed items that caused lag.
Removed items under the map.
Fixed LOTS of trees too far in the ground.
Changed the map/ground color/style.
Added LOTS of trees.
Moved the player farm.
Added custom FarmHouse & Garage.
Added a custom semi at the player farm.
The map is free to buy.
The train is free to rent.
Traffic has been slowed down & decreased.
MP Ready.
+ other small changes.

Ver Change log.
Added second Sawmill.
Added a road to the radio tower.
Added more buyable land around the Dairy to place buildings on.
Added an old barn & field w/ old dirty equipment. (For more field options)
Removed another item found under the map.
Pulled & replaced the players 4Runner vehicle. (May return later)
Added an island to the lake with the winter collectable on it.
Added a couple more street light on corners/junctions.
Refined ‘some’ grass in/on the edge of roads. (Work in progress)

Ver Change log.
Small change to damage & age level on old farm equipment.
Moved the carpentry production.
Moved the raisin production.
Removed a field drain in the middle of open land.
Added collision to Giants fence around the shop office.
Added an electric vehicle charger at the gas station.

**Thanks! : “SirCuddlesWorth” for the debug, support & stabilization help.

Model: Giants, HazardousFDM
Texture: Giants, HazardousFDM
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: HazardousFDM
Testing: HazardousFDM, SirCuddlesWorth & Wolvereine113.

DOWNLOAD PineValley.zip – 349.1 MB

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