FS22 PICKUP 2018 FACELIFT V1.0.0.0

Pickup 2018 Facelift
Price: $43.000
Power: 184-331KW/250-450hp
Max Speed: 120-165 kph

The pickup truck include three different types of engine:
– Dx25 with 250 HP /184 kW, manual gearbox and 125 kph max speed;
– Dx30 with 300 HP /220 kW, automatic gearbox and 130 kph max speed;
– Sr with 450 HP /331 kW, automatic gearbox and 165 kph max speed.

– Decoration parts;
– External/Internal Lights;
– Internal dashboard;
– Wheels;
– Body colour;
– Rim colour;
– Brake calipers colour (with Sr modell);
– Seats colour (with Sr modell);
– Attacher configuration;
– Roof light bar configuration.

Salt Box:
Price: $6500
Working speed: 25 kph
Working width: from 2 m to 6 m

The Salt Box is a practical salt spreader perfect to melt snow in narrow spaces, instead of using a tractor.
It’s perfect to be attached on the Pickup 2018 Facelift.

– Base color;
– Cover color.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Pickup2018_facelift.zip – 7.9 MB

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