Welcome To Peraküla. It’s located in Europe in the country Estonia.

The Landscape is mostly flat but the area has a lot of forest’s and some fields.

There is Grass fields to do a lot of mowing.

The MainFarm on the map was built in 1906 and now over the many years the village has been developed to be a beautiful place in Estonia.

– Changelog

– there is over 57000 trees to cut down

– 7 fields

– 7 grass fields

– 3 sellpoints

– animal dealer

– vehicle shop

– a swamp

– 2 lakes

– a lot of powerlines so you can clear trees out of the way

– old forest areas

– long river

– old farmbarn

– animal pasture

– power stations

– in winter there is some decorations around the map

– wildlife

– small mainfarm

– gravel roads

– in winter you can blow the roads

– Changelog

– Fixed floating trees

– Fixed PDA map

– Added a road to the swamp

– Changelog

– Added more sellpoints. total sellpoints 8

– fixed sawmill

– updated PDA Map

– Changed building on the main farm

– removed some woodpiles

– fixed some more floating trees

– new save game required


DOWNLOAD FS22_Perakula.zip – 320.6 MB

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