FS22 PB3-0X1 V1.1.0.1

The PB3-0x1 is designed for high-quality tillage for sowing precision seed.
It locks in moisture and provides high-quality loosening and seedbed formation.

Fixed FPS crash issue when animating dust while working in the field.

Added new “workParticles” clay effects, new colors and adjusted prices in the store.

Price: 2893.70 €
Working width: 3 m
Power required: 40 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Price: 3893.70 €
Working width: 5 m
Power required: 70 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Price: 9215.42 €
Working width: 8 m
Power required: 120 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Other options:
– Choice of colors
– Choice of design: Heavy harrows; Middle harrows; Light harrows with tires; Light harrows

BlendArt, Kolchozník jr, TT Czech Modding

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lizard_PB3_0x1.zip – 8.9 MB

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