FS22 PB3-0X1 V1.0.0.0

The PB3-0x1 is designed for high-quality tillage for sowing precision seed.
It locks in moisture and provides high-quality loosening and seedbed formation.

Price: 3000 $
Working width: 3 m
Power required: 40 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Price: 6000 $
Working width: 5 m
Power required: 70 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Price: 9000 $
Working width: 8 m
Power required: 120 hp
Working speed: 15 kph

Other options:
– Choice of colors
– Choice of design: Heavy harrows; Middle harrows; Light harrows with tires; Light harrows

BlendArt, Kolchozník jr, TT Czech Modding

DOWNLOAD FS22_Lizard_PB3_0x1.zip – 9.1 MB

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