4 Fachmap with regional reproduction of a part from Papenburg

-Stubble destruction for all standard crops: wheat, oats, barley, corn, millet, canola, sunflower.
Therefore foliages added back to the map. Map file size increased by about 160Mb.
-Removed some floating trees again.
-Changed some (not all) rotation of trees. Height adjusted in some places so that branches no longer go through the cabin!
-Possibility to load or transport beet chips with the silage fork and shop wagon.
-Land prices reduced to 20000€ per hectare.
No new save is required.

Here I present you my Papenburg map. It’s not quite final yet. But when is a map ever?

-4 times map
-96 fields of 1-87 hectares of fields, grassland and forests
-119 plots hectares price 25000€
– over 200000 trees
-Extensive field and path system
-Many open spaces for courtyards and productions
-Basic supply at main points of sale. Including grain mill, granary, baker, cheese factory, dairy and sawmill
– not final yet!!!! path system splines for the car helper…free travel possible.But not yet perfected

I haven’t provided any launch vehicles yet.
There will be regular updates over the next few weeks and months. So be patient.
There are small warnings but the map runs flawlessly and has been extensively tested. If you see anything, please PM me with the picture and coordinates


DOWNLOAD Papenburger_Map.zip – 1.1 GB

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