FS22 OSADA MAP V1.0.1.1

Welcome to Osada!
A map inspired by the eastern part of Europe with small and medium sized fields.

– Fixed a bug related to garages
– Traffic was improved
– Improved pastures

On the map you will find such attractions as:
– 2 Farms (smaller cows and bigger pigs)
– A place to build your own farm
– One village with a small farm
– 3 grain markets (including one of your own train)
– 50 toys to find
– New textures for grass, trees, bushes, and terrain painting
– Swamp forest
– 100 farmland
– 79 fields (including meadows)
– Bakery
– Combined Heat and Power Plant
– Mill
– Sawmill (next to big forest)
– Apiary with bees
– Gravel pit (purchase of stones and lime)
– machine dealer “Zetor”
– Livestock dealer
– Dairy
– Vegetable collection point
– Carpenter

– Added paralax texture and frost to playable buildings
– Added the ability to sell playable buildings
– Added the ability to give straw bales to animals
– Added 4 new paint cubes
– Added alternative farm textures with pigs
– Added new trees to put on the map
– Fixed levitating objects
– Fixed border collision
– Fixed the name of buying in tasks with farmers
– Fixed unevenness on the ground
– Changed the green color of the map to a darker one
– Changed traffic
– Changed the cultivation calendar of the season
– Changed the distance of drawing trees to basic from the game
– Change textures on buildings

INFO: The map area will be enlarged in new versions!


DOWNLOAD FS22_Osada.zip – 349.4 MB

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