The successful Niedersachen21 known from Farming Simulator 19, which is now completely rebuilt for you for Farming Simulator 22.

More fruits (triticale, rye, spelt)
More ground angle. Removed the collision in narrow places to make it more friendly for Autodrive, Autodrive courses see map description!
Mobile silos and bunker silos at the biogas plants can now be sold.
Fixed John Deere 7810NDS now drives faster than 30 km/h.
You don’t need a new savegame.

Lower Saxony22 map
The map is 16.7 square kilometers in size, it has, among other things, 180 fields, 31 forest areas, 8 biogas plants and 17 flat areas marked with a B on the PDA, where you can build your farms.
As a new farmer, you have a well-established farm, one that is very lively, with a good starting fleet and various consumables (bales, fertilizer, fodder, seeds, lime). You already have cows, pigs and chickens.
Visually, a lot has happened compared to the LS19.
You also have a number of options in landscaping, many times bare textures, bushes, flowers and grasses, and of course all the trees that exist too.
There are also some converted devices adapted to the map, e.g. B. a stone collector, JD 7810, Fendt 500 Favorit etc.
Inside the map ZIP is a folder called optional growth, one with the original file and one with the modified one.
Simply copy the content to the XML folder as you wish, Growth Standard is currently installed.
When modifying growth, please make sure that you proceed as follows in the settings:
Seasonal Growth OFF
days per month ONE
visual seasons best month June or July
Snow OFF.
This map does not require any further mods (modifications).
Recommended Mods : Better Contracts
Good map ideas, savegames and autodrive courses:
AutoDrive by elMatador : NDS22 Autodrive courses
Map presentations : Lower Saxony 22 map presentation V1.0.1 , Lower Saxony 22 map presentation PaddyLS , Top 5 Maps .
Single player Score : Savegame By Paddy LS .
A big thank you for the mostly positive feedback.
To date, NDS Modding has acted alone and expressly distanced itself from the Palatinate Let’s Play.
You are modders, mappers, streamers or just interested players who want to be part of my team
Then feel free to send me a message or just join our discord. We look forward to you !
For problems with the map or found bugs, etc., we are of course at your side.
You want to support me a little? PayPal
The NDS Modding Team wishes you lots of fun while playing.
!!!! This map may only be uploaded to other sites if the original download link is specified. Please have a little RESPECT!!!!


DOWNLOAD FS22_Niedersachsen22.zip – 247.9 MB

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