FS22 NEW HOLLAND S2200 V1.1.0.0

New Holland S2200


– Added shaders to select parts

– Ran through test runner, removed or fixed textures and compressions

– Updated modDesc version to 64 to reflect changes

The New Holland S2200 was a forage harvester manufactured in Europe in the mid 80s. With a modest 220 horsepower and heads that barely exceeded the transport width of this machine, it made the S2200 ideal for smaller European farmers who wanted a reliable chopper. This model has been specially imported to the United States to suit the needs of smaller dairy farmers who want a trusty machine with a low price tag. This chopper is also small enough it can shoot inside enclosed chopper boxes like the Meyer RT series, Jiffy Hydump, or Gehl 980 from wademitch!

This mod has aged pretty well. It is based off a Russian Rostelmash chopper from FS17, and was converted/remodeled to look more like a New Holland in FS19. Not a whole lot has been changed with the textures. This is partially due to my lack of knowledge with textures, and also because the aged textures give the chopper a older, dilapidated feel that fits a 35-40 year old machine. Huge thank you to 46 Mods; he first taught me how to make a header array, then he made me one when I was struggling with my own! He’s been very helpful, and this mod would not be possible without him. Make sure to check out his Facebook page and itch.io and go support him!

S2200 Specifications

– Price | $30,000

– 220 horsepower

– Hydrostatic transmission

– 15mph top speed

– Trelleborg or Michelin tire sets

– Rim color yellow or white

Corn Head Specifications

– Price | $8,000

– 4 meter working width (5 rows)

– 6 mph working speed

Hay Pickup Specifications

– Price | $5,000

– 3.1 meter working width

– 9 mph working speed

Sickle Head Specifications

– Price | $5,000

– 5 meter working width

– 6 mph working speed

Conversion Changelog

– Removed unnecessary lighting, adjusted existing lighting

– Added US triangle

– Renamed xmls and i3ds to English names

– Changed out sounds

– Added door open/close animation

– Added new array effects for the corn and sickle mower heads

Always support the modder’s original link; if you did not download this from the official Skywalker Farms itch.io page, this mod has been stolen and reuploaded elsewhere without consent.

FS17 – Shnurok, scholl
FS19 – Risicoltori pazzi
FS22 – Skywalker Farms

DOWNLOAD FS22_NewHolland_S2200.zip – 38.9 MB

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