Welcome to the Neuffener Valley. The Neuffener Valley is a fictional map named after the region I come from.

– Changes to the description
– Added trees and plants to the build menu
– Added new textures to the build menu
– made several objects sellable e.g.: BGA, fences.
– Land prices reduced
– small change to the terrain in the main courtyard
– Added sellpoint for vehicles at the shop
– Added files for multiplayer
– Removed DecoBushMowing to make the map playable on consoles

In addition to some productions, this card also offers enough space to place your own. Furthermore, you can also paint fields on the map if it should go quickly.

The map is perfect for all types of agriculture and forestry in single and multiplayer.
For the ideal start in multiplayer, I recommend starting a savegame in singleplayer and saving it briefly. Then copy the farms.xml and farmland.xml from the “Multiplayer” folder to the savegame.
The savegame can then be started in multiplayer and the level of difficulty adjusted if necessary.

More than 37 fields are available for farming. In addition to the main farm there are 5 more farms including hotspots on the pda.

1. Chickenfarm (mainfarm)
2. Horsefarm
3. Cowfarm
4. Pigfarm
5. Sheepfarm

– 37 fields
– 61 farmlands
– paintable fields
– 10 productions
– 12 points of sale
– 14 farmlands for the small and large forestry

A new savegame is required.


DOWNLOAD FS22_NeuffenerTal.zip – 187.1 MB

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