FS22 MTZ BELARUS 1222.3 V1.0.0.0

Manufacturer: BELARUS.

Model: 1222.3.

Engine: D-260.2S2.

Power: 136 hp.

Manual transmission.

Maximum speed: 40 km/h.

Price: 30,000.

Category: medium tractors.

Color selection:

– Color of wheels;

– Interior color;

– Color of plastic;

– Seat color.

– Configuration of the front attachment;

– Reversible control post;

– Extra seat;

– Steering Wheel Selection;

– Choosing an additional step;

– Tractor model selection (1222.3, 1222.3 White coloring, Ant Yellow, Ant Red);

– On-board computer;

– Protective forest frame;

– Flashing light;

– Glass design

– Choosing a silencer;

– Wheel selection.

The author of the original: BearFarm.
Author of the changes: Anonim.

DOWNLOAD FS22_MTZ_1222_3.zip – 60.4 MB

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