MK II Conveyor Pack

V1.0.0.1 – The TC 816 MK II should now offload bulk material, even after sleeping, if you assigning a worker to it. You may have to sell and buy the TC 816 MK II again, for this to work correctly. Reduced purchase costs.

Allows for collection while engine is off, has double collection speed, and tripple the movement speed.
Now with added AI worker support, to continue unloading even after sleeping.

S-710 MK II –
cost: 10000 €
power: 25hp
speed: 15kmh
features: functions while engine is off; 2x transfer speed

TC 816 MK II –
cost: 24000 €
power: 25hp
speed: 15kmh
features: 2x transfer speed, AI worker support, to offload even after sleeping

SL 80-22 Quantum MK II –
cost: 48000 €
power: 25hp
speed: 15kmh
features: 2x transfer speed

The S-710 MK II should collect bulk material any time it is attached to another conveyor.
And it should keep working even if you leave your farm, or if you dont interact for long periods of time, or even if you save and quit.

The TC 816 MK II should now continue to offload material even after sleeping. Just hire a worker for it.
Sadly, I cannot change worker wages for console, so it will cost a small fee. About 2€ per real life minute.


DOWNLOAD FS22_MKII_Conveyor_Pack.zip – 29 KB

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